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Stop Virtual Fence let you demarcate the area where your dog will remain without the use of physical barriers such as wall, gate or grid. With the Stop Virtual Fence you can define any backyard, as well as swimming pools, gardens or any other place where it is undesired the presence of the dog. Good for you and safe for your dog.

The Stop consists of a collar with a small electronic receiver, a transmitter and wires that act as delimiters. Therefore, it is possible to delimit the area where you want your pet to stay. This electronic collar is a smart and simple way to train your dog.

It is necessary a little training of the dog in the first two weeks for your dog to be adapt to virtual fence Stop. Each section lasts a maximum of 15 minutes and the training is simple and fun.



Operation: Stop transmitter is located in the garage or other covered area of your home. The transmitter sends a signal through the wire that is enclosing the desired area. Approaching the wire, the receiver located in the dog's collar picks up the signal and sends an alert tone. If the dog continues to advance, the receiver will emit a small electrostatic stimulus, completely harmless to the animal.

After a few days your dog will no longer move forward the sound and after a few days, will already be conditioned to the area that it must remain before it hear the alert tone. Stop is an effective and lasting training.


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