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With Inodore your pet will make the feces and urine odorless.


Product for dogs and cats.

Inodore is an amino acid supplement for animal feed, based on the bioregulator action and promotes growth of the intestinal tract of the animals.

Inodore eliminates a bacteria located in the intestine of the animal, which generate sulphide gas (bad smell of feces). Also break down ammonia, which is most responsible for the stench of urine, turning it into nitrogen that is odorless and comprise 78% of the air we breathe.

* 100% natural product
* Ready to use
* Eliminate the bad smell of feces and urine
* Greater resistance to diseases
* Reduction of vectors(flies and insects)

How to use
1 gram per day (1 teaspoon), added to the animal food.

* Soybean
* Rice Bran
* Sub-product of fish



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