Between a dog and its owner there exists a link of friendship and love. At Amicus, that link is something that we are constantly seeking to preserve, making the socialization of the dog easier. This is the philosophy we use in the development of each of our products, because like you, we love dogs.


At Amicus we assess dog owners main difficulties, and by combining advanced training techniques with modern technology, we develop products that improve the quality of life of both canine and owner. After all, certain behaviors of the dog can cause inconvenience to the owner and also to people around.


For example, what can you do if your dog barks during the night and disturbs the sleep of your family and neighbors? Or if your dog wants to chew your sofa, or knock down a friend who has just arrived?


At Amicus we cater for all of these daily obstacles that confront dog owners everywhere, yet our products reach even further.


Imagine waking up one day to find that your dog has ran away from home, or the heartbreak of your dog becoming sick after eating something that should not have been eaten. These problems are the results of poor dog training, and at Amicus we dedicate ourselves to providing simple and effective solutions to these problems, through the development of our training aids for dog owners.


Amicus. Innovating the life of mans best friend!



(35) 3471-0871


Address: Rua Delcides Teles, 78
Bairro Inatel
Santa Rita do Sapuca / MG / Brazil
Zip: 37540-000

We solve commons problems of dog owners with simple and effective products:


Control the excessive barking of your dog: Use Smart - Anti Bark Collar that trains your dog to not bark at unwanted times using only sound correction.

Contain your dog: Use Stop - Virtual Fence and choose the area where your dog should go without the use of grids, gates or walls.


Prevent unwanted behaviors of your dog: Use Sonic - Intelligent Training who trains your dog to not repeat unwanted behavior, with a powerful ultrasound perceived only by the dog as a no.


Eliminate Odors: Use Inodore or Dody Inodorous, that if ingested daily will turn your dog or cat feces and urine odorless.


Protect Your Family with Security: Use Zen - Electronic Repellent and leave your family free from mosquitoes, rats and bats without using chemical products.

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