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Forget the chemicals that damage your health and the environment.

Protect the welfare of your family with Zen.

Uses powerful ultrasound, able to repel Mosquitoes, Rats and Bats.

Zen Electronic Repellent is able to repel mosquitoes, rats and bats without the use of chemicals, using only one powerful ultrasound which bothers them and in the specific case of the bat also changes it sense of direction. Ultrasound used in Zen is imperceptible to human hearing.
Zen is totally safe to the health of people and pets, and can be used without fear, because it is nontoxic and hypoallergenic.
This product does not produce interference with other electronic devices
Just plug the Zen Electronic Repellent on an 110V or 220V (dual voltage ) socket to a medium height and the led will lights, showing that the product is working.


-Does not use chemicals
- Do not use refill
- Harmless to your family, pets and the environment.
- Ranges bases on two frequencies, ensuring greater effectiveness.
- Inaudible Do not bother your sleep!
- Low power consumption: This product consumes up to 100 times less energy than a light bulb*.
*Compared to the consumption of an incandescent lamp of 50 Watts.
- Simple to use, just plug and play.
- Dual voltage (110v or 220v)
- 2 Year warranty

Important: For places greater than 30m should be increased proportionally the amount of equipment for better efficiency.



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