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Located in the Electronic Valley (Santa Rita do Sapucaí - Brazil), Amicus Inovações develops and manufactures innovative products for the pet market. Amicus Electronic products for training allow the owner to educate your own dog in an easy and effective way.

Amicus Inovações is a company that was born from the friendship between the dog and its owner. Driven by a passion for animals, the company constantly seeks innovative ways to a perfect harmony between them.


Founded in 2004, Amicus has initiated its activities motivated by a challenge: incorporate electronics to the day by day of the dog and its owner through innovative training products.


Smart Anti Bark Collar was the first solution to hit the market in 2005 that solve the daily problem of excessive barking. Smart had great sales success and was highlighted in the media, creating the first commercial partnerships that remain until today.


Through one of those partnerships is that in 2006 the Amicus launches Inodore, giving owners of dogs and cats a product that finishes with the bad smell of feces and urine, and improve the overall health of the animal.


+55 (35) 3471-0871


Address: Rua Delcides Teles, 78
Bairro Inatel
Santa Rita do Sapucaí / MG / Brazil
Zip: 37540-000


Reaches the market in 2007 Sonic Smart Training, that trains the dog to avoid unwanted behaviors. Besides two new versions of Smart to combat the excessive barking, Smart 2 and Smart 2 Plus, which are an evolution in technology replacing the Smart Anti Bark Collar.


In 2008 comes to market another product for training dogs, Stop Virtual Fence demarcate the area where your dog will remain without the use of physical barriers.


Through a new partnership comes to the market in 2009 Dody Inodorous joining the practicality of bovine leather stick with the effectiveness of the Inodore, providing more convenience for dog’s owner who wants to eliminate the odor of feces and urine, besides it is a great reward when training your dog.


In 2010 Amicus launched the Zen Electronic Repellent, also thinking at the welfare of the whole family, for repelling mosquitoes, rats and bats through an powerful ultrasound. In the same year Amicus launched the SIT Smart Training System that is focus on professional training of dogs in distance.


During this course, Amicus also was highlighted in the media and has always invested in its brand through campaigns in major magazines of the sector and commercial TV advertising. Since 2006, Amicus participates as an exhibitor at Pet South America (biggest dogs and other pets fair of Brazil) and in 2010 began exporting with it participate as an exhibitor at Interzoo (biggest dogs and other pets of the world) held in Nuremberg in Germany.

Improve the interaction between the animal and its owner, bringing a better quality of life for both through innovative products. This is the mission of Amicus and it guide the development of each new product, that use high technologies in order to provide satisfaction to the owner without jeopardizing the welfare of the animal.

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