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Collar SMART 2

The Anti Bark Collar Smart 2 uses harmless sound correction, thrown with the bark of the dog, therefore the most effective and humane way to end the excessive barking. With the Smart is possible coexistence of the dog with the owner and the neighborhood.


The Anti Bark Collar Smart 2 is an evolution in technology, has automatic sensitivity control adapting to the specific bark of your dog. Smart 2 is also lighter and has a higher durability of battery.


Operation: The Anti Bark Collar Smart 2 captures the sound of the barking dog and beeps in a specific frequency of training that makes it stop barking. The tone is perceived by the dog as a "no". Therefore, on average after 10 days of use, the dog associates the reason for the correction to it bark sound conditioned not to bark while using Smart 2.



Differentials: The Anti-Bark Collar Smart 2 is an evolution in technology and has the following advantages over the first version of Smart:

* Automatic Sensitivity: adapts to different types of barks, thereby being immune to whistle caused by impact and sending the whistle only with the bark of the dog;

* Lightweight;

* Durability of battery far superior (6 months using 8 hours daily) in addition to the battery 2 is cheaper;

* 2 years of Amicus warranty.




+ Technology
+ Light
+ Durable Battery


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